countercyclical coun‧ter‧cyc‧li‧cal [ˌkaʊntəˈsɪklɪkl, -ˈsaɪ- ǁ -tər-] adjective ECONOMICS
1. not following the normal pattern of business activity, for example increasing when other activities are decreasing:

• The aircraft engineering division will not be sold, as its countercyclical performance helps balance the EIS Group.

2. countercyclical actions are intended to change the way in which the economy is behaving at different times, for example actions to stop it growing too fast, or to help it grow when it is not growing:

• Bank supervision is not a suitable tool of countercyclical policy.

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countercyclical UK US (also counter-cyclical) /ˌkaʊntəˈsɪklɪkl/ adjective ECONOMICS
countercyclical activities do not follow the pattern which is normal in business or the economy: »

Applications for MBA courses are countercyclical and tend to increase when executive jobs are scarce.

countercyclical actions are aimed at helping the economy when it is experiencing difficulties: »

The industry will be a key beneficiary of the Obama administration's counter-cyclical spending package.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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